Business Brokering 101

Fundamental Knowledge That Fast-Tracks Your First Closed Deal!

In this live, 3-hour master class, Craig Phinn is sharing the detailed information you need help you side-step rookie business broker mistakes. It is designed to quickly advance you towards closing your first deal like an expert!


Once you've seen something, it's hard to unsee.

You've had a peek into the world of business brokering and now your wheels can't stop turning the possibilities over in your mind. Have you been wondering any of the following:


How do I find buyers and sellers for my first deal?


How can I fit this into my schedule?


What if 2 or 3 deals can replace and double my income from last year?


I've got this great info from Craig Phinn but what do I do next?

The promised land of your first deal is over there... and you're over here on Step 2.

You probably got your hand on a copy of my eBook, 6 Figures in 60 Days in Real Estate: The Business Brokerage Launch Blueprint. 

My promise to you with that resource was to give you all the tools you needed to get started in business brokering and helping business grow through strategic acquisitions. 

Now you’re sitting at home with the instructions and diagrams in English, but it seems like a foreign language because you've never done this before. How can you be sure you're putting the pieces together correctly? 

Similarly, stepping into the role of a business broker or M&A consultant for the first time can feel awkward, even when you have the instruction manual. How do you know if you're doing it right? You certainly don't want to wait till something goes wrong to find out!

Tap into my Business Brokering 101 masterclass where you'll take your knowledge a business brokering further to help you close your very first deal acquisition deal!

Expertly Fit the Puzzle Pieces Together with Business Brokering 101!

Business Brokering 101 is a master class that answers questions new business brokers ask.

What will you get out of this intensive 3-hour training?

Deep-dive knowledge

Your next action steps

Recording for review

In Business Brokering 101, I Will Cover:

  • How to find and vet businesses ready to sell
  • How to find and vet investors who are ready to buy
  • How to value a business - deep dive
  • Opportunities for continuing your education as a business broker
  • Q&A

Can you afford to risk time, money, opportunities, and relationships as you muddle through your first deal alone?

I value my time and I promise not to waste yours. At just $197, Business Brokering 101 is designed to be the best investment to help fast-track your success as a new business broker.