Once I started working with Craig Phinn, my earnings skyrocketed!

— Angela M.

This eBook Is For You If You Are...

Already A Licensed Agent

Already a licensed agent or broker? You can get started multiplying your income immediately! This eBook will introduce you to a system that can help you:

  • Use your license in a different way.
  • Work this strategy part-time around your existing schedule.
  • Stop wasting time with financially insolvent client.
  • How you can make measurable more on one sale than the average commission from selling a residential property, and
  • Much more!

Considering Getting Your License

Considering becoming a licensed agent? Nervous about market fluctuations affecting your income? The information in this eBook will show you:

  • How to consistently make money with your license.
  • Why 2021 and beyond is a great time to get started with this strategy.
  • How you can make measurably more than the average residential property sale commission.
  • How you can still sell residential or commercial properties if you wish, and
  • Much more!

Looking For A Lucrative Sidehustle

Thought about a real property related side hustle such as wholesaling, no-money-down investing, flipping, or an AirBnB model? Then you'll love this opportunity that:

  • Has a low cost of entry compared to your other options listed above.
  • Offers more lucrative paydays than other property related side hustles.
  • Allows you to work from anywhere in the world.
  • Can be worked around your existing schedule, and
  • Much more!


  • How to use a Real Estate License in a different industry!
  • What the growth potential of this industry is!
  • Why this path can yield 2X - 10X residental commissions!
  • How your workload could be less while earning more!
  • A roadmap to closing your first deal!
  • How to stand out from your competion!
  • How you can work part-time or less and still make a significant income!

But That's Not All!


We've loaded up this eBook with additional tools to help you earn your first commission check with relative ease!

What It Is

The Launch Blueprint Cheat Sheet is a printable infographic laying out all the steps you’ll take on your path to 10X-ing your revenue.

Why You Need It 

It is a quick visual reminder that summarizes the key points laid out in the eBook. 

How This Tool Helps You 

You can use this as a checklist as you are working towards closing your first deal. 

Total Value: $27

What It Is

An Offering Memorandum is a document you will create for your prospective clients. It contains all the financial data and other pertinent information your buyers will need to evaluate the purchase opportunity.

Why You Need It 

Our sample Offering Memorandum Template was created from the exact document I used at the beginning of my business to close millions in transactions.

How This Tool Helps You 

Model our Offering Memorandum Template and you will project a professional, trustworthy  image to your clients on your very first deal and ever deal thereafter!

Total Value: $397

What It Is

A detailed checklist of actions which must be completed satisfactorily in order for your deal to close and for you to receive your commission. 

Why You Need It 

Due Diligence is a very involved process and one wrong step during this phase can delay your deal and tank your credibility. This detailed checklist provides helpful explanations and tips for each point to help you sail through the process.

How This Tool Helps You

Using our Due Diligence Checklist will keep you organized and empower you to keep your deals on track to closing. 

Total Value: $597

What It Is

A powerful strategy session that will help you take your next step towards closing your first deal. 

Why You Need It 

You can read the eBook as many times as you want, but until you take action, you will never change your financial future. Scheduling this call is the first step to the rest of your financially free life… why wouldn’t you take it?

How This Tool Helps You 

In this call, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you had as you read the book. You will also have the opportunity to receive more support on your journey to closing your first deal. 

Total Value: $1,000

After reading Craig’s book, I’m DEFINITELY getting my license!

— Tracey W.


The total value of the eBook and bonuses exceed $2,000.00.

Act now to get the ebook and bonuses for only $47!

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Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

There is risk involved in starting any business or new venture. We can’t guarantee how much you will earn or how long it will take you to earn it because that is totally dependent on the effort you make to implement what we show you.

We do, however, guarantee that the information we provide in the eBook and bonus materials: 

  • Outlines a clear path for making money in real estate without selling property.
  • Demonstrates how to earn 2X or more typical residential home sale commissions.
  • Provides a step-by-step system you can follow.

If, after reading the eBook and bonus materials, you feel we did not deliver the value we promised above, you can request a refund of your purchase price within 14 days of your purchase. And you STILL get to keep your downloaded materials! 

How I Generated $652,700 in 2.5 months!

Hi, I’m Craig Phinn. You don’t know me from a can of paint, so I'll get right to the point.

I was able to close a deal in two and a half months which earned a commission of $652,700! And that’s just one deal. I’ve closed many others before and since then. I did it as a licensed Real Estate agent, but I didn’t sell any homes. 

In fact, I’ve never sold a single house in all the years I’ve been licensed!

You see, having my license was my “side door” key into an extremely lucrative industry. Many people in this field typically enter it by way of:

  • A degree from a top-tier school.
  • Being a lawyer.
  • Working at one of the “Big 4” consulting firms.

I didn't have any of that.

I grew up poor in New York City’s South Bronx area. I dropped out of school at 17. I got a job as an assistant and worked my way up the corporate ladder to third-in-command in finance and administration. I parlayed my corporate experience and my grit into a multi-million dollar mergers and acquisitions/business brokerage advisory firm with no advertising and no website.

Armed with my GED, my real estate license, and a “stick-with-it” attitude, I entered the world of Mergers & Acquisitions/Business Brokering and changed my family’s financial future.

In my eBook, I show you just how I got my start as an entrepreneur in this space and how you can as well.

Now if I can do this with no ivy league credentials, no mentors, or industry connections, you can too! Even if you are not a licensed agent right now you too can still get started helping business owners by and sell companies.

In this eBook, I share the exact steps I took to get started earning multiple six figures as a M&A Advisor also known as a Business Broker. The bonus materials are intended to help you close your first deal much faster than I did. All together, this bundle is the mentorship and resource toolkit I wish I had when I got started. 

If you are ready to begin your own financial success story, click the “buy now” button now to take advantage of today’s special price and get immediate access.

See you on the other side!



Sales projections or results listed above or in any marketing materials are atypical. They are the result of hard work, training, experimenting, learning from mistakes, and adapting quickly. Figures and results are used as examples.